In 'The Rally', many of the characters have several costumes or outfits which are significant and all chosen directly by the writer. The potential future films may differ in costume choice, however, below is the complete list of outfits for main characters appearing in the book series.

Character Main Costume Other Costumes
Bryan Alboreto Red-check shirt & Blue chinos
  • Dark blue shirt & Black Jeans
  • Red t-shirt & Black Jeans
  • White t-shirt & White boxers
Jade Erling White blouse, Red pleated skirt & White flat shoes
  • White vest top & Light blue skater skirt
  • Silver dress & Silver high heels
  • Red lingerie
  • Black t-shirt, Black pencil skirt & Dark sunglasses (Undercover DarkMotors member)
  • Black vest top & Pink underwear
  • Green and white t-shirt & Black jeans
Lydia Martins Green lingerie, Black leggings & Cream jumper
  • White vest top & Black pencil skirt
  • Floral dress
  • Black vest top, Black jeans & Dark sunglasses (Undercover BlackMotors member)
  • Emerald green satin lingerie
  • White midi skirt & Yellow raincoat
Jesse Arden Blue t-shirt & Black jeans
  • Gang t-shirt & Black jeans (DarkMotors outfit)
  • Black t-shirt & Dark blue jeans
Amanda Ellis White crop top, Pink short skirt & stockings
  • Red shirt & Black leggings
Michael King Black t-shirt & Black jeans
  • Gang t-shirt & Black jeans (DarkMotors outfit)
Anna Blackburn Black vest top, Gang skirt & Red underwear
  • Red dress
  • Red blouse & Black jeans
Dante LeCross Gang t-shirt & Black Jeans
  • Black t-shirt & Black jeans
Carolina Taurel-Kulvig Black t-shirt, Black short skirt & Custom leather jacket
  • Black silk dress
  • Blue top & Black jeans
Jaylin Dolton Orange and white pattern t-shirt & Charcoal chinos
  • White band t-shirt & Dark red chinos
Adi Roberts White vest top, Blue jeans & Lilac underwear
  • Green dress
  • Purple shirt & Black mini skirt
  • Pink blouse & Pink trousers
Geoff Hudson White t-shirt & Grey jeans
  •  ?
  • TBD
Alex Caplin Blue t-shirt & Jeans
  •  ?
  • TBD
Lucy Harley White blouse & Black jeans
  •  ?
  • TBD
Oskar Blocken Custom gang t-shirt & Black jeans N/A
Hera Drexla White and dark blue t-shirt & Black jeans
  • Black t-shirt & White pencil skirt
Lucas Elmes White t-shirt & Black chinos
  • Lydia's cream jumper & Tan chinos
  • Black and dark green school uniform
  •  ?
Claudia Burton Green blouse & Black skater skirt
  • Black and dark green school uniform
  • Light green lingerie
  •  ?
Sean Robinson Blue t-shirt & Purple chinos
  • Black and dark green school uniform
  •  ? (run away from home outfit)
  • Blue satin panties & Lydia's black top
  • Dark blue blouse & White pleated skirt
  • Lydia's blue dress
  • Black and white maid uniform
Lizzie Barret Pink t-shirt & White skater skirt
  • Black and dark green school uniform
  •  ?
Rachael Terrett White vest top & Jean shorts
  • Black and dark green school uniform
  •  ?
Sandra Elmes Black blouse & Blue jeans
  • TBD
Conan Kulvig Dark blue t-shirt & Black jeans
  • Various clothes bought for him by Carolina
Lyla Knighton Dark green top, Black jeans & Black jacket
  • TBD
Vincent Kulvig Blue t-shirt, Black jeans & Custom leather jacket N/A
Layla Packard Blue t-shirt & Black jeans
  • Orange satin shirt & Floral skirt
  • Floral top & Purple skirt
  • Green shirt & Silver underwear
  • Red t-shirt & Black leather skirt
  • Purple vest top & White trousers
Zion Merriweather Dark grey suit, White shirt, Black tie & Black shoes N/A
Vago Bliss Orange t-shirt & Grey jeans N/A
Marci Hendrik Teal blue jumper & Black skinny jeans N/A
Dane Tilsett Black t-shirt, Black combat trousers & Camo body armour N/A
Phoebe Exton Blue overalls & Black boots N/A
Shawn Victor White shirt, Black trousers, Purple Waistcoat & Bowtie N/A
Joel Parvin Black shirt & White shorts N/A
Isabella Caden Hot pink short dress & Stockings N/A
Lazlow Jarvis Dark green t-shirt, Black chinos & Converse shoes N/A
Hernandez Jeffries Black t-shirt, Blue chinos, Black and blue leather jacket & Silver aviators
  • White and blue stripped polo shirt, Tan chinos & Silver aviators
  • White shirt, Black trousers, Red waistcoat, Black fedora, Black sunglasses
  • White logo t-shirt & Charcoal chino shorts
Jonny Prairie Lilac t-shirt, Black jeans & Leather jacket
  • TBD

Side characters' costumes Edit

All gang members mentioned, such as Ben Backster, adhere to the dress code of the gang, and this means gang members will have a singular outfit. The DarkMotors dress code consists of a gang t-shirt and black jeans for men, and black jeans or skirt for women. The La Perso gang is more relaxed with their dress code, however. As long as members are wearing mainly dark blue and black they will meet the requirements. Along with this, Vincent insist on wearing leather jackets when out riding (which is similar to Jahni's leather jacket rule when he was leader).

Any side character not mentioned in the list above will have only one outfit for their appearance and will be detailed in the books. Notable characters and their costumes not in the list include Beth Colan (? & ?); Sarah Hudson (? & ?); and Donna Lowes, ex-leader of Effete Potenza and confirmed deceased, who is often displayed in pictures wearing a light blue vest top and a short leather skirt.

Speculation surrounding costumes Edit

Possible speculation surrounding a characters' costume has arisen with Conrad Heisman; he is a German business man and owner of a lorry company that Bryan turns to when he and Jesse are returning cars stolen by the DarkMotors. His dark grey suit, black tie, and smart shoes resemble that of The Professionals dress code which has lead to suspicion of him being a member. Moreover, the gang originated in Germany with a German-American alliance (Jenson Zaubard & Zion Merriweather) which could suggest he's been a long-term member, being German himself.

Another character with confirmed suspicions as a result of his outfit is Jay Vince-Vale. He is one of the DarkMotors best car thieves, often working with Alan Illet, but Jay never abides by the dress code. He does wear black jeans, but he has been seen wearing a blue t-shirt as well as a leather jacket differing from the DarkMotors norm. This led to the belief that he is secretly part of La Perso too - this was confirmed and explains his alliance change in 'The Rally' 3, where he's one of Vincent's best men.